How an office coffee machine can help save you money

Save on every cup that you drink
Do you ever compare the cost of a cup of coffee you always take at the café and the price of a cup of office coffee that you would have prepared at your office place of work? Here is the truth, for every cup of coffee that you take at the café, it costs you between $3.5 to $5 depending with the type of a restaurant, let’s treat this cost to be approximately $4. How about when you can have a coffee prepared using your office coffee machine? The approximate value of a cup of coffee made at your office range between $0.4 to $ 0.6. Suppose we treat the average cost for each cup of coffee as $0.5, and then you can see how much you will save for each cup, almost $3.5.
Get back valuable work time
The average time that each member of your staff can break for coffee lies between 15-20 minutes This time can add up to something significant at the end of the day after all coffee breaks for every member of your staff. Now, think about productivity opportunities and billable hours added at the end of the day when you introduce a coffee machine at your office, don’t you see the difference? With the coffee machine in your office, no time would ever be wasted by your staff member on queues waiting for coffee. Moreover, your accounts team will also have their work reduced since they will no longer spend time sorting through the coffee receipts at the end of the month and hence allowing them to save the valuable time.
Servicing and Maintenance if free
Free servicing and maintenance is a significant advantage that you should clutch. Don’t worry about servicing and maintenance, neither should you bother about purchasing the expensive parts of the office coffee machine. You will have all this done for you free of charge. More so, don’t worry about ordering coffee beans, you will always have a free delivery since it is part of the plan.
Save on client expenses.
Grab your clients with a cup of coffee as you cut down on the budgets. Having a cup of coffee with your clients during the meetings will always make them exhibit greatness, and at the same time, you will be saving a lot of money. Besides, purchasing an office coffee machine is a kind of positive reinforcement for your staff members, they will always feel appreciated.
Office coffee machine can help you to save on taxes.
When the plan of machine purchase or renting expires, you may decide to make a claim of your money on your machine. Claiming the cost of the office coffee machine is all dependent, if you are the business owner, you may decide to make a full claim of the office coffee machine as long as your business meets the minimum operational requirements or the partial request if depreciation cost is the part of the calculation. These will allow you to get back some reasonable amount of cash into your pocket. Regarding the taxes, you will have to meet with professional tax agents who will give you directions on making decisions on finances.