What are Night Vision Monoculars

Are you a lover of the dark and love to go out at night to explore wildlife or hunt? Or do you like to explore areas in the stark darkness for some scientific reason? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then, night vision monoculars are a must for you. The device can also come in handy to pursue criminals in the dark or look for someone during the night.

As the name suggests, night vision is the ability to see in the dark through a particular device and in this case, the device is a monocular. A monocular is nothing but a telescope used to magnify images that are at a distant. However, unlike binoculars, monoculars only produce two-dimensional images. The best night vision monoculars comes in handy for people who have impaired or no vision in one eye or suffers from a significant variation in the eyes. The monoculars that have the ability to help see in the dark are known as night vision monoculars.

The technology behind night vision
The Night Vision Devices (NVD) use image intensifiers to help create an image of the object in the dark. When an object lurks in the dark, the device measures the difference in the temperature of the object and its surrounding environment to create an electronic picture. The phenomenon of creating images using the temperature difference is known as thermal imaging. When this technology is combined with a lightweight, portable monocular you obtain a Night Vision Monocular. There are over three generations of night vision technology being sold in the market. The generations are named Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3 and Generation 3+. Each of these generations differs from each other with respect to the image quality they deliver and the prize. So if you are looking for a night vision monocular that is affordable we would suggest you go for the Generation 1 Night Vision technology.

Features and benefits
With passing time, the night vision monocular market has evolved and erupted. Different models being sold on the market offer sophisticated features at competitive prices. We will list some of the most lucrative features on offer that will help you get a clearer picture of where and when can you use this innovative piece of technology. One of the catchiest features that some of the Night Vision Monoculars offers is the ability to capture images and record videos. The images and videos get stored on your SD card for you to review it later. Another impressive feature on offer is the output to plug-in the monocular to view images and videos on a computer or a television.

Night Vision Monoculars can come in handy under numerous circumstances some of which are:
1. Hunting or fishing in the dark: If you plan to go for a big-game hunting or fishing during night time, Night Vision Monoculars are a must for you. The Night Vision Devices help you see your prey in the dark and increases your chances of winning a game.
2. Security and Surveillance: Security personnel and police departments can use these devices to find and track a fugitive in the dark. Furthermore, setting up these devices could help survey an area for any suspicious activities
3. Cave exploration: Be it day or night, the deep ends of any caves are dark and Night Vision Monoculars can help archaeologists navigate their way around the cave.
4. Rescue: There have been numerous cases where people have been caught in dark places. The device can help ascertain their position before beginning any rescue activity.